Narragansett Bay Chapter No. 14 National Soujourners

On August 1, 2020 the installation of officers for Narragansett Bay Chapter No. 14 National Sojourners for 2020-2021 took place at the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island.

image011Installed officers included: MSgt. Ron Wheeler, President; Raymond Hassell, PGM, 1st Vice President; Lt. Carl Willi, PGM, 2nd Vice President; and Gen. Rick Baccus, Secretary/Treasurer. Many thanks go to Col. Brad Barco, PGM for his continued dedication and support to our Chapter. Col. Barco served as President of the Chapter as well as Commander of the 'Heroes of '76" for 9 consecutive years. Also, installed as Commander of the Oliver Hazard Perry Camp for the "Heroes of '76" was Lt. Carl Willi, PGM.

What is the purpose of the National Sojourners? The purpose is to organize current and former members of the uniformed forces of the United States, and Honorary Members who are Master Masons, into Chapters for the promotion of good fellowship among its members, for assisting such as may be overtaken by adversity or affliction, for cultivating Masonic ideals, for supporting all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, for developing true Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation, for bringing together representatives of the uniformed forces of the United States (past and present) in a united effort to further the military need of National Defense, and for opposing any influence whatsoever calculated to weaken the National Security.

Who are the "Heroes of '76"? The "Heroes of '76" is an affiliate auxiliary organization of National Sojourners, Inc. It is composed of National Sojourners who have, in recognition of exemplary service to National Sojourners, Inc., Freemasonry, or our National Government, receive this inspiring patriotic degree.

If interested in joining this patriotic organization or becoming an honorary member contact the president or secretary for details.

By: W∴Ron Wheeler, President