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The future of our fraternity and our ability to continue to grow our membership is highly dependent on being able to engage and integrate our new members into the activities of the lodge. When new members become involved and active in their respective lodges they become the best prospects for new candidates for that lodge. The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve the membership goals.  



Master Mason Rookie Award Program for newly made Master Masons: a vision statement


What is it?

It is a program that the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island envisions as an ongoing commitment to membership engagement and getting our new members involved within their respective lodges. It is exclusively for those members just entering the Craft. This program outlines eleven requirements that must be completed within 12 months of their raising.

Note: As this is a new initiative and there are many new Master Masons already in their first 12 months, those candidates will be allowed 18 months to complete the requirements. 

The Goal of the award

To keeping new members in their respective lodges ACTIVE for 12 months. This is to counter "the age old" problem of new members losing interest in Freemasonry. Also, to stem the tide of members looking to concordant bodies because of their dissatisfaction with their current situation.

Award requirements for new Master Masons during their first 12 months

To complete 11 items on the list ---6 Required and 5 Alternates


1) Attend each of the blue lodge degrees at least once, but in another lodge.

2) Attend at least one visit of the lodge's DDGM to another lodge in one of Districts.

3) Attend at least seven stated lodge communications over the course of the year

4) Work on at least one lodge social activity or lodge charitable event

5) Assist at least once with the officers setting up the lodge room (for a meeting or rehearsal)

6) Attend a Grand Lodge sponsored educational program


(Choose FIVE of the following eleven activities)

1) Sponsor at least one candidate into the lodge

2) Assist at least once with the preparation of candidate(s) before the degree, or assist in cypher training for another candidate

3) Assist with the serving or preparation/setup/cleanup of a lodge dinner meeting or breakfast

4) Assist in the serving at a Table Lodge within Rhode Island

5) Attend a Masonic Memorial Service

6) Assist in a lodge Open House or Membership drive event

7) Assist in a CHIP Program event or Blood Drive within a district

8) Attend a DeMolay or Rainbow meeting, event, or Installation

9) Visit a lodge member who is in a nursing home, hospital or home (who is unable to attend meetings)

10) Assist in the delivery of flowers to a Special Lady

11) Accompany an investigation team of a petitioner.


To participate

Read the following steps as they are designed to help you, the Master of your Lodge, and Grand Lodge keep track of your progress. You can download the form as a PDF file by clicking here. You can also download these instructions as a PDF by clicking here.


Progress checker

a) Make the Master of your Lodge aware that you are interested in pursuing this award

b) Get a copy of the requirements and a sign-off form

c) Keep track of your requirements with the sign-off sheet

d) Provide dates of the completed activities, as verified by the Worshipful Master

e) Final sign-off of sign-off sheet by the Lodge Master and the Lodge Secretary.


Submitting your progress

a) The Worshipful Master is to provide a written cover letter stating why the new Master Mason is worthy of receiving this award

b) The sign-off sheet form and letter is submitted by the Lodge Secretary to the Grand Master's Office for his review and approval

c) Once received and approved, the recipient will receive his award accordingly.



• A framed certificate signed by the Grand Master and the Grand Secretary

• A Master Masons Rookie Award Lapel Pin for the Master Mason.

• The award is to be presented to the Master Mason at a dinner hosted by the Grand Master in honor of those Master Masons completing this award.

SUMMARY: If you want to give your candidates something enjoyable to do, encourage each new brother to pursue the Rookie Award. It is a great way to get them into the districts and meet more members of the Craft, as well as witness how lodge meetings, traditions and customs vary from one lodge to another and to get them involved in lodge activities.


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