Grand Lodge Programs in The Community
Freemasonry is actively engaged in the greater Rhode Island community.  Masonic Grand Lodge Charities of Rhode Island, Inc. supports a number of civic and social charitable organizations throughout the state through its grant program and provides scholarships for qualified students. The Masonic Grand Lodge of Rhode Island supports the Lawton-Hodges Floor at Rhode Island Hospital, which treats childhood illnesses. Other Masonic charitable programs include the medical equipment facility located at Buttonwoods in Warwick, RI. This facility provides medical equipment, such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers, to Masons and non-Masons at no charge.

Passport Program

The Grand Lodge Passport program is designed to encourage all members of our Rhode Island lodges to travel and visit every other lodge and Districts within our Grand Jurisdiction. This will foster better fraternal relations within our District and throughout this Grand Jurisdiction.


  • In order to qualify to receive a passport, the member a lodge must have signed the by-laws of his lodge and be in good standing.
  • Passports can be obtained at the Grand Lodge Office and cost $20.00 each.
  • All signatures from the twenty-four (24) Rhode Island lodge must appear on the pages of the passport to complete the award program.
  • Signatures from Concordant bodies and Lodges from other States may be affixed, but all 24 in state lodge signatures are required to receive the award.

Upon completion of visiting all twenty-four Lodges within the state, your passport should be submitted to the Grand Lodge Office for review and verification of completion.

Upon its verification, the Passport Award Certificate will be made ready for the recipient to receive. The recipient will be notified of the time and place they will receive the award.