Grand Lodge Programs in The Community
Freemasonry is actively engaged in the greater Rhode Island community.  Masonic Grand Lodge Charities of Rhode Island, Inc. supports a number of civic and social charitable organizations throughout the state through its grant program and provides scholarships for qualified students. The Masonic Grand Lodge of Rhode Island supports the Lawton-Hodges Floor at Rhode Island Hospital, which treats childhood illnesses. Other Masonic charitable programs include the medical equipment facility located at Buttonwoods in Warwick, RI. This facility provides medical equipment, such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers, to Masons and non-Masons at no charge.

Scholarships: Technical, Undergraduate and Graduate

Education is an essential component in the development and growth of an individual. It provides the individual with the intellectual and professional tools to be a positive influence and asset within their community as well as a mean to learn a skill in order provide for their families. This is one of the many reasons we as freemasons strongly believe and provide educational scholarships for our masonic family and state citizens to continue their education.